Frequently Asked Questions


What is

We're a private file host.
Platform wise, we run on a fork of WeebDev's chibisafe.
Our fork is based on BobbyWibowo's fork; you can view the upstream source here on GitHub.

Will you keep my uploads forever?

Unless the uploads are illegal in nature, uploads will be kept indefinitely on a best-effort basis.
If you wish to have your uploads removed automatically, you can make use of our auto-expiration functionality.
It is disabled by default, but you can configure it through our homepage uploader's Config tab.

Do you maintain access logs?

Yes. The logs contain each visitor's IP address, user-agent, and request made. This is logged for abuse monitoring across all provided services.

I saw something too illegal for my tastes here, what should I do?

Send a strongly worded email to [email protected] and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm having other issues! Can you help?

Reach out to Jade, and I'll see what I can do to help you out.


What are the allowed extensions here?

We support any file extensions, except the following:
.bash_profile .bash .bashrc .bat .bsh .cmd .com .csh .exe .exec .jar .msi .nt .profile .ps1 .psm1 .scr .sh

Are there any Desktop clients?

There are compatible browser extensions for the most popular browsers.:
Firefox extension. Maintained by BobbyWibowo. You can view the source code here.
Chrome/Edge/Opera extension. Maintained by chibisafe's team. You can view the source code here.
With the Chromium extension, you will have to manually set the domain in the extension's settings to

If you use Windows, we support uploads from ShareX.
You can download the config file by clicking on the ShareX icon on the homepage.
When logged in, the config file will also be automatically populated with your account's token.
This will allow you to manage your ShareX uploads from our Dashboard.

If you use Linux, there is a compatible bash uploader which is maintained by BobbyWibowo.
You can learn more about it from its GitHub repository.

Do you have a No-JS uploader form?

I still have more unanswered questions!

Feel free to email [email protected].